Evening stroll

It’s basically summer again in Copenhagen after a rainy couple of weeks. One of my favourite things to do after dinner is to go for a evening stroll. You can digest a…

Casual Mornings in Chelsea

Wedding Season – What to Wear to a Wedding

Breakfast is Served

A Hat and A Smile

I woke up feeling extra happy today and I know why. The sun woke me up! Rays of sun through your curtains is the best way to wake up. So…

The Perfect Base with Rodial & Academie

A Sweet Little Break

Breezy Lace Up Shirt

The Retro Vibe

You gotta love the 70s. There was this relaxed but yet glamorous vibe with flattering silhouettes and shapes. I’m not wearing any flared jeans though, but this outfit still has a…

Sparkling Watermelon Smoothie

If you Buy one Thing This Month

A Red Affair in Covent Garden